How to Find Us:

Map Location:

Travessa Angela Chaves, 121 - Lagoa da Conceição - Florianópolis - SC - Brasil - CEP: 88062-305


From Airport to Submarino Hostel:
  1. Go on SC401 road that starts at the airport. 2.6Km.
  2. Turn right on SC405 road on the way to Lagoa da Conceição. 2.7Km.
  3. Turn left on SC406 road on the way to Lagoa da Conceição. 8.3Km.
  4. Turn left at Av. das Rendeiras and cross the brige. 0.3Km.
  5. Turn right at the first street R. Rita Lourenço da Silveira 0.7Km.
  6. When the street ends turn left at Tv. Angela Chaves, 121
  7. Is the second House on your right. 41m.


  • 1. From Airport or Intercity Bus Station to Downtown Bus Station:
    • By Bus From Airport (Aeroporto Hercílio Luz): Take a bus to Downtown Bus Station (TICEN).

    • The Intercity Bus Station (Terminal Rodoviário Rita Maria) to TICEN (Downtown Bus Station), this one for city busses): Just walk to the Downtown Bus Station, it´s about 200 metres on the rigtht when you leave the Station.

  • 2. From TICEN (Central Bus Station) to TILAG (Lagoa´s Bus Station):
    • take a bus to TILAG, it has different bus numbers that you can take, so it´s better look for the name, LAGOA DA CONCEIÇÃO, it´s also the name of the neighbourghood that we are in.

  • 3. From Lagoa´s Bus Station (TILAG) to Submarino Hostel:
    • Walking to the Submarino Hostel (It´s about 10/15 minutes): The easier way is to go first towards the bridge, do not cross it! Next to the bridge you will find Rita da Lourenço da Silveira street, go there until the end of the street when you will eventually have to turn left, arriving into Travessa Angela Chaves street, we are in the second house on the right-hand side.

    • By bus from TILAG to Submarino Hostel: There are 2 busses that you can take to arrive by bus to the hostel, the names of those busses are ``JOAQUINA´´ (number 363) and ``CANTO DOS ARAÇÁS´´ (number 362) if you get the 363 you have to leave the bus at the 5th bus stop at Windcenter (windsurf school), or if you get the 362 leave the bus at the 7th stop at Windcenter, after to leave the bus just walk passing the windsurf school and turn left in the end of the street, you will arrive in the Travessa Angela Chaves street and we are the second house on the right-hand side. The only thing is that these busses do not come very often, but if you want we can send you the bus times, just email (


  • Please include Taxi fare.
    • Just need to give the adress.
    • It costs BRL 50,00 (Fifty Brasil Reais).